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We, the entire body of believers, of ROLW desire to be nurtured and guided by the Word of God, that we may impact the community through His undeniable seal, which is His love. Through God's love, we endeavor to transform lives, which

will transform communities that we

all may experience the overwhelming joy of a purposeful life.



Rivers of living Water is dedicated to introducing the Kingdom of God to all who are willing to hear the good news of Christ Jesus, by sharing the love of God, through word and deed, believing for the results of changed and improved lives.


Prepared for Purpose


What comes to mind when you hear the word “graduation?” Like most, we may think of the ceremony of receiving a diploma or degree and the celebration afterwards. But is this the real meaning of graduation? In my time of devotion, trying to hear what God is saying, for the year 2015, I kept sensing that He was saying that all of the events of our past were just preparation for the purpose we have been called to fulfill. The degree a graduate obtains is just to signify that the student has passed the necessary preparation for the career of purpose they have chosen. In 2015, God is calling us to begin the process of walking into our call and purpose that He has prepared us for.

 Bishop Hollis Hall